Angelina Jolie To Reporters: Quit Asking Me About Pretty Boy

Haziran 17, 2007 at 9:43 pm (karışık-pizza)

Reporters slammed Angelina Jolie this week, over a legal agreement she requested they sign before they were granted the opportunity to interview her.

The document, obtained exclusively by me, by jacking it from another publicly viewed web site, lays out her requirements if you want an interview:

From a legal and personal standpoint, I can see why she did this. Most questions now center on her relationship with actor Brad Pitt, who many say left his wife for her, which Jolie vehemently denies.

Jolie is currently promoting the film “A Mighty Heart,” which is the story of slain reporter Daniel Pearl.

Pearl, a handsome Jewish man, was killed by Middle East parties because he was Jewish, American and a journalist for a U.S. publication.

Jolie and Pearl’s widow, who she plays in the film, Marianne. Both women share French ancestry. Viva la France!

I can see why Jolie would not want her personal life to distract from the film, because if certain reporters had the chance, they would ask her very tough and embarrassing questions, that if permitted, would be done live on air and unedited for shock value. The questions would most likely fall along the lines of (I made these questions up):

1. So, when you started sleeping with Brad Pitt was he still married to actress Jennifer Aniston?

2. Did you see the magazine photos of a visibly upset, depressed, distraught, heartbroken Aniston visiting a restaurant in Hollywood the weekend the rumors swirled about you and Pitt having a romance on the set of your film Mr. and Mrs. Smith, that was being filmed outside the country?

3. Do you sometimes think about the pain she felt and what the demise of her marriage in such a public setting did to her?

4. Who wears the pants in the family?

5. How often do you have sex?

6. How often do you have sex with Brad Pitt?

7. Do you think Brad Pitt has ever cheated on you?

8. Is Brad bi-sexual?

9. How much money do you think it takes to become a star and maintain it?

10. Will you and Brad Pitt get married?

11. Given his poor track record in relationships, and pretty boy has had many, do you ever fear him walking out, as he did to several actresses before you?

12. Pitt’s friends like actors George “I Get Around” Clooney and Matt “Bourne” Damon clearly think you’re beautiful and have made flattering jokes to that effect in the press – have you ever been tempted regarding either one of them and vice versa?

13. How do you feel about being called the most beautiful and most famous woman in the world?

14. While you look naturally beautiful, have you had any seemingly requisite Hollywood plastic surgery or enhancements of any kind that so many other actresses have, but deny, like God gave them faces like plastic when He didn’t?

15. Why did you name your daughter Shiloh after God?

16. Did your parents’ dysfunctional relationship affect any of yours?

17. Though your father publicly said some hurtful things in trying to help you during a rough time in your life, will you ever forgive him and let him meet his grandchild, which he wants to, who may also want to know him one day?

Did I write those questions to be mean? No. But it is what some reporters and journalists would ask if they got the chance, particularly for shock value. After questions like those, would anyone even remember she is being interviewed about a film.

It would most likely upset her. She is human after all. If it were you, would you want to be asked those questions under those circumstances? Probably not.

While, I don’t agree with Pitt having left his wife or in the manner he did, as it was dishonorable, Jolie isn’t one of those shameless stars that would welcome such salacious questions in the name of getting press.

The criticism has clearly hurt her and she is seeking to avoid that.


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